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At Flourish Natural Health Center we believe in a natural approach to wellness; that Mind, Body, Spirit, and Health are all deeply interconnected. It is our mission to help our clients find a balanced approach to all aspects of their physical and psychological health and well being. We recognize that in today’s modern environment, people need a place to help re-balance and re-center, to navigate life’s everyday situations with a sense of ease, and to feel a vibrant vitality about their connection with their own health.
In our experience, we have found that creating an environment that encourages an organic self-discovery concerning current health is the most direct path for nurturing healing in our clients’ personal wellness. Our goal is to guide you to explore your own inherent connection, which in turn helps to develop a deeply rooted relationship with your own personal wellbeing.
We invite you to come in, breathe freely, and let us help you Flourish, from the Inside Out!
Pam Wesley

Our Resident Expert

I am a Holistic Bio-Energetic Practitioner and my passion is helping you feel better about yourself – mind, body, and soul.

My personal self-wellness journey now feeds my passion: Helping others to reconnect with their own, personal well-being. I now appreciate my own journey to health because it has given me the insight and knowledge to be able help others avoid the frustration and angst in the search for relief, recovery, and health.

I now understand how our food supplies and the increased toxins they contain directly affect our health, generation after generation. I did not become a holistic practitioner to tell you how to be or live; I am here to help guide your own exploration in discovering the best practices to suit your own, specialized, personal health needs.

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what people say about us

I think Pam is amazing. she has my family and i so much we couldn't thank her enough. Pains that my husband has had for years and has see so many doctors and has been to the mayo clinic and no one knew what was wrong with him. One day with Pam and the products she gave him and he was already better.

Marilyn Hartman

After having health issues for over 20 years and seeing more doctors and specialists than you could image, i never got any answers or relief. I've been seeing Pam for about a month now, I have finally got some answer and relief. I can't thank Pam enough or even recommend her enough.

Max Hartman

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