At the Flourish Natural Health Center we believe in a natural approach to wellness & healing; that Mind, Body, Spirit, and Health are all deeply interconnected.


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I think Pam is amazing. she has my family and i so much we couldn't thank her enough. Pains that my husband has had for years and has see so many doctors and has been to the mayo clinic and no one knew what was wrong with him. One day with Pam and the products she gave him and he was already better.

Marilyn Hartman

After having health issues for over 20 years and seeing more doctors and specialists than you could image, i never got any answers or relief. I've been seeing Pam for about a month now, I have finally got some answer and relief. I can't thank Pam enough or even recommend her enough.

Max Hartman

I have a young bladder that for 3 weeks was acting like an old bladder (enough said). I went to Miss Pam and she suggested 4 bottles to help with the issue. In 48 hours my bladder and I were back acting our age! She is super!

Susan Carver
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