Autonomic Response Testing is a simple, yet highly effective biofeedback assessment technique used to determine disturbances in your body and possible remedies.  ART is a specialized technique unlike any procedure you may have experienced before.  Simplistic in its method, it is the most advanced and scientifically validated method of muscle testing.
ART allows for a deeper look into the matrix and intercellular levels of the body to identify imbalances.  It allows detection for when the body’s deep regulatory abilities have been altered.  Evaluating for these very basic regulatory processes, and detecting the alterations in these processes, is critical for receiving the correct information.

How it Works 
Clients will undergo a holistic, noninvasive 4 step process:
Step 1. The body is stressed with different modalities:
  • Electromagnetically (placing substances in the field)
  • Structurally (pushing on a teacher area, squeezing an organ or gland, stressing a joint etc.)
  • Biochemically (giving a medication orally, i.v. or via other route)
Step 2.Our practitioner assesses the client’s (or body’s) response to each:
  • The muscle test
  • Arm length test
  • Bi-digital O-ring test
  • Applied Kinesiology (multiple muscles)
  • EAV (electro acupuncture according to Dr. Voll)
  • HRV (heat rate variability)
  • Kirlian photography
  • VAS (Nogier pulse)
  • Other types of biofeedback equipment
Step 3. Our practitioner interprets the stress- response:
  • If a mild stressor causes a stress response, the organism is already under severe stress regarding this variable (substance, psychological issues etc.)
  • If a moderate stress is causing a response in the absence of response to a mild stressor, the organism is under moderate stress
  • If only a severe stress is causing a stress response, the problem of the organism related to this issue is only mild
Step 4. Final Testings
Now therapeutic modalities are tested.  Whatever neutralizes the stress response is an agent or a method that will help the organism cope with the underlying cause of the stress.  How much (quantitative assessment) it will help can be determined by the quantitative amount of stress response neutralization.
The different acupressure points on the surface of the body enable our clinically trained practitioner to understand the state of health and flow of energy throughout the organs, tissues, and bodily functions.  If there is stress or dysfunction in the corresponding organ, tissue, or function, the nervous system will respond with a reflex movement.  Once the area(s) of weakness have been identified, specific nutritional supplements are tested against the areas to identify which supplement will bring strength back to the reflex.
The Signal Enhancer allows the practitioner to get much clearer, enhanced” information from the body.  In short, it measures the highly polarized light that organically emits from the human body. By utilizing both of these and therapy localization the practitioner can detect aberrations in body regulation procedures.


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